Richard Arthur Power

Age 79 Mulgrave, Nova Scotia

“Because I can’t sell or pass down my licence, I will not be able to provide financially for my family after I pass. I also am unable to enjoy a retirement. I feel it was very unfair that my Class A licence was reduced to a Class B and would be greatly appreciative if I was compensated.”

Brian Earl Jagoe

Age 80 Salmon Beach, New Brunswick

“I started fishing when I was 14 years old, and continued until I physically could not due to becoming legally blind. The government forced me to switch to a Class B licence as I was working at a pulp mill at the time, making around $1 an hour. I feel I should have the right to sell or pass it down as Class A fishermen do, as we all acquired our licences the same way. My wife passed away from cancer and now my daughter has just been told she has cancer. I know how much it can cost for all the expenses involved. To be able to sell my licence would help considerably.”

George Dicks

Age 85 North Sydney, Nova Scotia

“I lost my Class A licence for trying to provide for my family. Working at whatever I could to put food on the table. Fishing has been our culture for three generations now. It is devastating to my family. Not just the lost revenue, but the loss of our culture and heritage. We want to pass it on for generations to come.”

Clayton Smith

Age 69 Salmon Beach, New Brunswick

“I started to fish when I was 14 years old. This was a way of life to us. It was not all about the little extra money that I made but just the freedom of doing something that I loved. It gets into your blood, and it’s in my son’s blood too. But I have something hanging over my head, that when I’m gone, I leave nothing to my son. It all goes the grave with me – boat, traps, licence. This is not fair.”

Donald Publicover

Age 68 Brookside, Nova Scotia

“I am almost 70, I have medical problems, and my two adult kids have cerebral palsy. My house is too small, but if I were able to sell my licence, I could afford a home that is accessible for them. This policy is unfair to fishermen like me.”

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Clifford Sealy

Age 81 Bathurst, New Brunswick

“I am 81 years old, and it is getting to be a bit much for me to continue fishing. My son has fished with me since he was 6 years old, he is now 53. I would love for my son to carry on with the licence. If I was able to pass it down, I would have done it years ago.”

Arthur Corkum

Age 75 Eagle Head, Nova Scotia

“I bought the licence to sell for a retirement, but they took that away from me. Selling would help a lot with a small pension, but I’ve also got two grandsons who might want to fish. My licence is a commercial fishing licence same as the Class A fishermen. They equally should be able to be sold or passed.”

James Ward

Age 74 Bathurst, New Brunswick

“I’ve been fishing the Class B licence for 46 years, ever since DFO made the decision to take away my “A” licence. I’m 74 years old, and I would like to enjoy some retirement years.”

Keith Wiseman

Age 73 Stonehaven, New Brunswick

“I’ve been fishing the Class B licence for 45 years. I fish alone as it is too expensive to have a helper. I am forced to continue fishing as I have no compensation for my licence because of the present policy. I would like to sell to the DFO for financial help. I am aging, and would like to enjoy a few less stressful years.”

Jean Boudreau

Age 87 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

“It saddens me because I was hoping to pass it along to my grandson so he can have a job and source of income. It is not about the money for me, or my family, it is about having to sell or pass it on.”

Merle Ellis

Age 80 Salmon Beach, New Brunswick

“I have spent my fishing career assisting in conserving lobster stocks and have seen the results of our efforts. I agreed to the concessions of a Class B licence so that things could improve, and they have! I only ask that my family can have an opportunity to do the same. My number one priority is to keep the licence in my family.”